Digital Backgrounds…

Being mostly a traveling photographer it became apparent to me that carrying around a ton of different backgrounds just was not practical. And for individual portrait sessions the ones we did carry with us worked out just fine. But as we started doing more and more repeat work I had to come up with something better. I had looked at digital backgrounds in the past but just did not like the “fake” look. But we recently found a supplier that has some very high quality backgrounds so we made the move. Using digital backgrounds is the same basic technology as they use on TV to make the weather person appear to be standing in front of weather maps; they are actually standing in front of a green screen and the map replaces the green screen through the magic of digital art. We initially did the manual extract Photoshop thing and that worked well but was quite time consuming. So we purchased some extraction software to speed up the process (and to keep in line with my theme that editing must take less time…). First impressions of the system are good and we think it can only get better from here… The possibilities for holiday cards, senior photos, etc. are just endless. It looks like we’re going to have some fun with this and I am anxious to get going with it!

Original Photo:

Photo with background replaced:


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