Happy New Year!

Yes, I am late. I have been late and behind all fall and early winter! We got hit with about a bazillion wedding album orders this fall, and just prior to Christmas, and we were swamped… Although we did make all of our Christmas delivery shipping deadlines our lab did not and unfortunately some albums did not get out before Christmas. We feel really bad about that. But everyone has their albums now and we hope you’re all happy with them!

Between cramming with albums we did get some photo sessions in and I will post some samples from them. We also had our granddaughter Emma for most of the week between Christmas and New Years and let me tell you I was in my glory! :-0 I think the highlight of the week for her was feeding the geese and ducks down at the pond. At one point she hopped off the bench so she could hug one of the geese and all 25-30 of them took off at the same time. Talk about some instant wind! Well, Emma just stood there with this “oh-oh” look on her face! It was cute. I told her to hop back up on the bench and they would come back and she did, and so did they… (Of course they did – free corn!!!) 😉 Anyway, I hope to get back on the stick and update the blog more often from now on. I hope 2011 turns out to be a great year for all of you!

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