My daughter’s wedding…

We’ve been pretty busy since my last blog post… OK – maybe that’s an understatement but a lot has transpired between then and now. And it’s all good, but time consumming… So, let me begin to catch up by writing about my daughter’s wedding. She had told her mom and I she was going to get married in Virginia Beach on the beach at sunrise a while ago. She told us that everything was included in her package – even a photographer. I figured that was a good thing because I wanted to enjoy the occasion and not have to worry about shooting it! But the closer we got to the wedding, the more it became apparent that I would need to bring my camera gear, which I never go anywhere without anyway… She never really went into too much detail about her plans so I just assumed we were going to a resort on the beach that offered wedding packages. Turns out that the person she found to take care of her wedding has quite the operation going. Laura booked her wedding with Frankee Love, owner of Beach Weddings Virginia. (I will post a link to Beach Weddings VA at the end of this entry.) Although I’ve never been to Vegas, my guess is that Frankee’s services are similar to a Vegas Wedding Chapel. She has a store front in a strip mall near a state park that is at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. The beach weddings take place in that state park (can’t remember the name of it at the moment…). We got there very early and did not have to pay to park, but it is a $5.00 per car usage fee which is very reasonable. Anyway, just before leaving for the trip down to VA Beach, I get a few more details about the wedding and find out that the wedding officiant and photographer are one in the same! Frankee does it all… So, I needed to bring my gear to photograph the ceremony, which I gladly did. The wedding was in April so we were anxious about the weather but it turned out to be perfect. Frankee is an absolutely wonderful hostess and the wedding went off without a hitch. After the ceremony and beach formals we all went back to the wedding chapel, which serves as the rain option, for the cake cutting and toast. All in all it was a very well run operation and I was duly impressed… Laura and her husband Shawn walked out with a CD of their wedding photos so once they left the wedding chapel, they were finished with Frankee and Frankee was finished with them. (Unlike our weddings… Most folks do not understand that for every hour we spend photographing a wedding, we spend an additional 1-2 hours processing and posting photos. And then there is the assembling of the albums, etc. I can’t see me doing our weddings any other way but I am impressed by the efficiency of Frankee’s weddings!) We then went to Lynnhaven fish House for lunch and not only was the food superb, but they treated us like royalty. I’ll add a link to them at the end of this entry as well. So, here is a mix of Frankee’s and my photos… (Thanks for letting me post these Frankee!)

Beach Weddings Virginia:
Lynnhaven Fish House:

Next up – we have been busy with maternity and infant/toddler sessions that have gone very, very well. Posts to follow… 😉


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  1. rachelle borja Says:

    Thank you for sharing this! It set my heart at ease!

    My wedding date is July 9, 2011 and as you can imagine, a bride’s worst fear is that she decided to book something that isn’t going to live up to her expectations on her wedding day! I did quite a bit of research initially on beach weddings in general, and when my fiancee and I decided to consider virginia beach, we drove down from western new york to see in person some of the venues and professionals we might be working with. Meeting Frankee, we decided that she would be perfect for our officiant, and were happy with her descriptions of what services she would be able to offer us on our big day. Five months until the wedding, I found myself getting nervous about all the arrangements we made, partly because we are planning from so far away! Should I have booked another officiant? Should I have booked a photographer as well? All those nervous thoughts running through my brain, only because I want my wedding day to be as magical as possible! After reading your blog, and seeing your pictures, my mind has been set at ease again! The pictures of your daughter’s wedding are beautiful! They look very happy with how everything turn out! Thank you again for sharing, it was just what i needed to hear.

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