I met Lily’s family at a wedding I photographed recently. Not knowing at the time that Lily’s mom is a wedding and portrait photographer, I offered to do a maternity session for them. Time passed, I sent them some pics from the wedding of their older daughter, who has beautiful blue eyes and the cutest smile, and then find out that mom is a photographer. We just started deviating from our traditional maternity session poses to a more contemporary look and was anxious to book some new sessions so I offered again to do Lily’s mom’s maternity session and she agreed. It was going to be a late term session and historically I have no luck getting them in before the baby arrives! Sure enough, a mere 14 hours before our appointment Lily made her grand entrance! Her parents were gracious enough to allow me to photograph her at five days old… It was kind of funny how it all went down. Lily was sleeping when I got to the house, which is just how I wanted her. We got the portable studio setup and got Lily naked for her “naked baby on arm” photos. All of the sudden it’s time to pee and poop! And then pee and poop some more! It’s not uncommon for mom or dad to get sprinkled during these sessions but this little girl was on a mission! Then she starts crying… So now I’m getting concerned that we are over stimulating her and that the session may end s quickly as it started. I’m also thinking that perhaps she just does not like being naked. (All the while thinking that I better do something! I do not want to fall flat on my face in front of another photographer – especially one as good as she!!!) Mom takes her aside to feed her and when we try again and we get more of the same. It’s now time for plan “B” and we put a diaper back on her and put her in the poser. I just got some new frilly fabric that is exceptionally soft and we covered the poser with it. Lily snuggled in with this stuff and went right to sleep. We took some photos while she was sleeping and after a while got her out, took off the diaper and got some of my best “naked baby on arm” shots to date! She’s a sweetie pie and I guess she just needed a little nap before getting going! And going she got! I’ve never seen so many different expressions from an infant before… So, here’s Lily!


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