Got snow???

Well, I’m a bit late in posting this but it took forever to dig out! We got some snow in the last two weeks for sure… Sort of reminded me of when we lived upstate NY except up there it would have been just another series of storms. Down here it was a big thing! The first few photos are from my neighborhood. The roads out to the main road, which is about three miles away, were all one lane for several days. I would have to duck into a driveway if someone was coming from the opposite direction. Thank goodness for AWD! Once we got a bit more mobile I got braver and ventured out for some landscapes.

This is a covered porch!

Sunset after the first storm.

During the second storm…

Notice the speed limit sign? This is a road – not a driveway…

Almost home…

We had yet another few inches after the two big storms and I decided to go out shooting while it was snowing. For these photos I just stopped in the middle of the road and took them; there was no place to pull over as the snow banks were too high!

Then the sun finally came out…

The forecast for Monday is snow and ice. I just can’t wait… 😉


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