I love the black background shots…

I think they look elegant and very moody. A good friend of mine tells me that I need to lighten up a bit with the kid shots and mix in some lighter, more upbeat backgrounds. I really like the black background style we’ve developed and was hesitant to fool around with a good thing. But I am always open for new suggestions so I gave it a shot. She was right – great mix…

Of course, having a super cute and willing subject helps… 😉

For those of you that have been following our granddaughter’s progress, yes, this is Emma. She is now nearly 16 pounds, is sitting up for long periods of time unsupported and overall is doing just great!

We prefer coming into client’s homes to do child portraiture as it is the most comfortable environment for the children. Our studio is completely mobile and sets up and tears down rather quickly. We also specialize in photographing children with special needs.


2 Responses to “I love the black background shots…”

  1. awww, she is soo cute.

  2. Jim, Occasionally, I peek at your site to see updates about Emma. She is really growing and so beautiful! I know this Christmas will be so much fun for all of you! Can’t wait to see THOSE photos!

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