Daddy’s little girl…

We’ve been busy lately with infant and baby photo sessions. All spotlight the child of course, but most also include mom. We tend to do these sessions in the mornings while the babies are active but quite often, dad is not around. And when he is, we tend to take more traditional family portraits, etc. This is changing – in large part due to some contemporary influence as of late… (Which will be a topic for another day…) We are transitioning to a more sophisticated style of parent/child photography that I find rather exciting; some with studio lighting and some with natural lighting. And we’re getting dad more involved… DSCF0651_1ablogAll too often we think of dad as being all manly and tend to overlook the fact that they (we…) all have a soft side…DSCF0623_1aBWblog Well, we’re not going to overlook that anymore… DSCF0633_1aBWblog


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