It’s baby season!!!

Well, it seems that way anyway… We happen to know several families that had babies recently and are in the process of photographing them. Children and baby sessions are an experience to say the least. On any given day you may have a baby that is just plain ready to be photographed – or not… Mostly we have to do what the baby feels like doing and that often means “Plan B”! But it’s all good and we generally come home with at least a few keepers. This, of course is Emma.DSCF4141_1aBW

We are doing more and more with creative lighting and mom and child poses. This type of style just screams out for black and white conversions… Emma’s above is window lighting and this image below is studio lighting. Both have their merits and both work well. DSCF1952_1aBW The bond between mother and child is, of course, quite strong. I think black and white conversions visually enhance the mood of that bond. DSCF3234_1aBW Of course, there is always room for color, especially when young eyes are fixated on the lens. Look at those eyes…DSCF3227_1a

We generally do infant and child portraits in your home. The child is more comfortable at home and in the case of infants, there is an endless supply of diapers which can sometimes be a good thing! Plus, the wardrobe is right there… We do not need an excessive amount of space to setup in and can generally make the session work in a fairly compact space. DSCF2476_1a
Creative and loving keepsake portraits. Priceless…


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