Engagement Sessions

DSCF0565_1ablogEngagement and other pre-bridal sessions are an excellent means for you to get to know your photographer, and for the photographer to get to know you. The relationship you develop with your photographer is extremely important; you need to ensure your phonographer is familiar enough with you and your fiancé that he/she can anticipate when and where those special photos are going to be on your wedding day. Also, it is a great opportunity to ensure you can work well together. If you and your photographer cannot mesh well for a pre-bridal session, chances are the wedding will be more of the same and that’s the last thing both you and your photographer need. You want great photos and your photographer wants to deliver great photos. If your photographer is not a good fit you need to find out early enough to make a change.


That’s the bad news. The good news is that most of the time you will find that you do mesh well with your photographer and the pre-bridal sessions just build on that good relationship. This helps you to work together like a team to make wonderful wedding photographs on your wedding day. Once you develop the trust that your photographer is not going to steer you wrong, you will find that the wedding photos will flow all that much easier. During pre-bridal sessions we take the opportunity to further explain to the couple how things are going to go on their wedding day. I think this goes a long way in building confidence between us and the couple.


Some photographers offer engagement and other pre-bridal session as package options, some include them in some packages. Whatever the arrangement, consider scheduling a pre-bridal session so that you can get to know your photographer better. It is time very well spent…


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  1. The image of a perfect and natural, I like the background that has been taken

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