Tis the season for outdoor weddings

Outdoor weddings pose different challenges both for photographers and all other vendors, the B&G, the guests, etc. The weather affects us all… But when it all comes together, outdoor weddings can be beautiful. If I had a preference, I’d like to see a late afternoon ceremony so the sun is not too high. Not only does a low sun make for better photographs, but it is not as hot as the midday sun so your guests and wedding party are more comfortable. If there is water nearby where the formals will be taken, a lower sun will help with nice reflections as well. DSCF0373_1a8x10blog
A lower sun also acts more like portrait lighting where it comes from the side and not the top, which makes for more natural photographs. Although a lower sun may still be bright, it it softer then midday sun and helps the photographer hold highlights and details. DSCF0362_1a8x10blog And of course, shade always helps. DSCF0351_1a8x10blog1 What do we do we neither shade or the direction of the sun is an option for us? We do the best we can. In this photo, we only had a narrow area of beach that was free of people, and of course, the ocean is where it is, as was the sun. Although the bride is squinting a little in this photograph, I think it is still a fine photo of the B&G on the beach with the ocean as their background. DSCF9008_1a8x10blog We bring iced water, crackers and towels with us when we photograph all weddings. The water and towels are especially helpful when it is hot out. The crackers help fend off hunger while waiting to finish the formals and get to the reception. Ceremonies should be planned so that they are not during the hottest part of the day. All of the wedding party and especially the children in the wedding party could become uncomfortable and restless, neither of which is good for the overall feel of the event and the photos. If you must plan your wedding for high noon, consider the potential temperature when choosing attire for the wedding party. And although we do bring water, we only bring enough for the wedding party. You should plan on having water available for the guests as well if you are expecting the day to be hot and the ceremony to last more then a half hour or so. If the ceremony location is flexible, try setting it up in the shade or under cover. If not, visit the ceremony location in advance at the same hour as you are planning on having your ceremony so you can see how the sun will be so you can better plan your attire, etc.

A good photographer will expect the worst and hope for the best. If the ceremony is during the harshest hours of the sun, we’ll deal with it. But if timing is an option, plan for the best…

And speaking of planning, always have a rain plan figured out in advance. Nothing wards off rain better then carrying an umbrella, and a lack of a rain plan for your ceremony is an opportunity for disaster. No one wants inclement weather, but it happens. Plan for it…


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