New toys…

I got to play with some new toys recently. Not my new toys, but someone else’s new toys… It is so nice to be able to try things without having to incurring any expenses. We tried some gels in the hair light and a beauty dish light modifier. The gels were fun and the beauty dish added some interesting catch lights. I have seen beauty dishes used at outdoor events where cars were being photographed but had never had the opportunity to try one. It seemed to work well. We currently use umbrellas at our weddings and frankly, because of their portability I cannot see making any changes there. But for outdoor portraits where time is not an issue, beauty dishes may just be one more item to consider. Anyway, we tried out these things in the studio and they certainly looked like they could be fun. This is a shot using both the beauty dish and a pink gel for the hair light:
The catch-lights are perfectly round and the gel worked surprisingly well on her dark hair. I can see where a gel may make for some interesting wedding formals…

We also got to put our new lens to the wedding test recently and it worked out quite well. We used it at an outdoor wedding on the beach and it rendered colors perfectly while being sharp and crisp. Here we are out in the direct sun:
We were on a crowded beach and wanted the water behind us. This was the best angle, although the sun was pretty harsh. All in all I think the lens worked well. (As did the dynamic range of the Fuji camera…)

I guess what I said previously about gear (gear matters) may be pretty much right on track! šŸ™‚

For those of you following Emma’s progress, she is 9 pounds and perfect (and obviously trying to focus on something…) :-). We are truly blessed…


One Response to “New toys…”

  1. Jim

    Oh Emma is a beauty and growing so fast. I know your family is elated. And yes your family is BLESSED.

    May God continue to Bless your family.

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