I just can’t take my mind off of our new grand daughter Emma. She will be one week old tomorrow. She is still quite small but is growing every day. It’s rather remarkable that we can see her growing… Her fingers and feet are huge! (Relatively speaking of course…) I visit her on my way home from work and this morning she had a vice-grip hold of my finger. Really! One of the nurses told me that these little ones have super-human strength for their size and I believe her! I know that she can’t see me, or can even rationalize what is going on at all. But I like to think that she latched on to me because it made her feel better. This is a picture of her holding her mom’s finger. dscf5210_1ablog1 I guess I’m going to have to shoot w/one hand and let Emma hold a finger on my other hand if I want a photograph of her holding my finger! LOL! I’m actually content to just have the contact with her and letting it be at that…

Dd I mention she is still tiny? This photo will give you more of a perspective on her size… dscf5172_1ablog

OK – here’s my early predictions:
Red hair.
Blue eyes.
She’ll be a tall girl.
She won’t take any crap from anyone…

My next entry will be about a lens I’m looking for. Stay tuned…


2 Responses to “Precious…”

  1. Sherron Browning Says:

    Hi Mr. Strathearn,

    I am a friend of Christina who has been praying for Baby Brooks and now am praying for Emma as well. Oh these babies are a blessing from God and what miracles they are.
    We’ll pray for your family as well as the Durham Family.

    Love & Prayers

  2. Thanks so much Sherron. Miracles they are…

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