The Miracle of Life

Our daughter was due with our first grandchild on May 1st. Instead, she delivered this week; three months early. As you may imagine, it’s been a rather hectic week for us (and mom and dad!). We got the call late on Tuesday night that our daughter was going in for an emergency C-section. So many thoughts go through your head when you get a call like that. We’re an hour from the hospital and had to make the trip during the season’s first major ice storm. But we made it and things appear to be going well for mom and baby. She’s in the Neonatal ICU at Johns Hopkins Hospital. I guess there are worse places she could be… dscf5080_1ablog One part of you wants to cry when you see her all hooked up, but another part of you tells you how lucky you are to be able to see her and know she’s doing well. She is 2 lbs. and 12 inches long and is kicking and moving constantly. We’re taking that as a good sign!

The staff at Johns Hopkins are just great. Neither mom or the baby are wanting for anything. Mom will be going home soon and the baby will staying for a few months, but things could have been a lot worse. It’s amazing the advances that modern medicine has achieved. We also cannot overlook the power of prayer either, as we needed a lot. Babies like our grandchild are true micacles…

We did photograph a couple of weddings recently and I do have some photos to share with you. As things settle in for us with the baby, I’ll post them. Meanwhile, please keep us in your prayers…


One Response to “The Miracle of Life”

  1. Christina Durham Says:

    Jim and family,

    Wow! It is simply amazing how much Emma has progressed and grown since she was born. Seeing the pictures of the first days of her life had me in tears for God has kept her in His loving and healing hands and He is continuing to hold her. God is good! She is a fighter and we are very excited in what God has in store for Emma! God bless!

    Christina, Brooks, and Brooks Jr. 🙂

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