Cold – a visual aid…

Well, it has warmed up in the last day or so – warm enough to finally snow! I enjoy the first few snows of the season. I imagine this little birdie does not share my enthusiasm for it… dscf4713_1ablog But we do keep several feeders stocked for them so I hope it helps make their winter bearable. Frankly, we stock about 7 feeders in our yard with feed ranging from thistle to safflower to sunflower, etc. We have suet, brick feeders and normal run of the mill wild bird seed. This attacks squirrels (go figure…), Chickadees, Wrens, Woodpeckers, Finches, Cardinals, etc. I need to get back in shape for little birdie photos. They are harder then you’d think to photograph. They never stand still! Two years ago we had a porch and deck added to our home. The porch is covered and allows me to keep the cameras fairly dry when shooting snow shots. Turned out being a great investment. Of course, the first thing we did was get a pair of rocking chairs for it… But when we set out to photograph little birdies, we are not disappointed.

And when winter turns to spring, we’ll be ready! dsc_1738ablog


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