So – how cold was it???

We photographed our first wedding of the year yesterday, 1/17/09. When I headed out to photograph the bride getting her hair done, it was -2 degrees F. For us living in southeast Pennsylvania, that’s cold! And even though this was an indoor wedding, the bride and groom did have some photographs they wanted taken outdoors. As it turns out we took the photos of the groom and groomsmen outdoors but skipped the bride photos at her request. Not knowing how things would turn out when we were getting ready for the wedding, we had to prepare for taking all of those outdoor photos. Basically this meant having a plan to let one camera recover from the condensation of coming back into the heat from the extreme cold while still being able to take photographs… This is where having good backup cameras and lenses come in. We setup one camera to take the outdoor shots and left the other indoors. And we also made sure we took enough extra photos indoors to make up for the ones we skipped. dscf3023_1ablog1 I think we ended up just fine and that the bride will be happy with the photos we did get.

And just because a wedding is in June doesn’t mean that weather will not be a factor. We photographed a wedding last June on one of the hottest days of the year in a fully packed church that was not air-conditioned. The equipment did just fine, but we had to dress accordingly and not succumb to the heat as we were moving around during the ceremony. How hot was it? We went through nearly all the towels we brought for wiping perspiration off of the bridal party’s faces… Yes, that dark area is perspiration on the pastor’s chest! dscf7109ablog

The key is just be prepared for as much as you can. This is true for both the photographer and other vendors, as well as the bride and groom! After all, we are just not going to let a little thing like weather spoil your special day…


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