“You must have a nice camera!”

That phrase seems to ignite a spark among photographers. Some get rather annoyed that the person looking at a photo would attribute the excellence of it to a camera and not to the photographer. Personally, I see it as a combination of both. I do not think that great gear will make a poor photographer great. But I do think that great gear makes a good photographer better. I do not think that one must have the latest, greatest stuff available. Digital cameras today are like personal computers a decade ago; every six months brings along a newer, faster model. d2h_4912ablogI do think that some improvements are certainly worth upgrading for but others – well – are just eye candy. I am a long time Nikon shooter who now uses my Nikon lenses on Fuji cameras. I chose Fuji cameras for their vibrant colors and great skin tones. They also have good low noise characteristics. The images from these cameras make fine enlargements and I can see them being the workhorses of my bag for quite some time. Sure, there are a few things on the newer Nikon’s I’d love to have on these cameras, but for the time being I think we’re in good shape.

Then, there is the auxiliary equipment. We use rechargeable AA batteries that cost $4.00 each. Yes, they are better then the $1.00 batteries… They last longer in the equipment and are capable of being recharged far more times then the cheaper batteries. And we have lots of these batteries. We carry eight Fuji Batteries for the two S5 camera bodies and three batteries for the Nikon backup camera. Know why? Because in the heat of the moment, gear matters… We also carry extra lenses, and bring most of our studio lighting equipment along to weddings and location sessions as well. We use the studio lighting for the formals. Could we use speed-lights in a pinch? Sure; and they would do an acceptable job. But I like the flexibility the studio lights bring with them. Two big lights light up a fair amount of space…dscf6800_1ablog1And as you can see in this photo, we carry our own power for the big lights. This eliminates us having to waste time hunting for outlets and running long extension cords, etc.

In summary, I do not think that choosing a wedding (or any pro) photographers simply by the gear they have is the best way to do it. Look at their sample portfolios and albums. If you like what you see, choose them. (And then you can ask them what kind of gear they use!) And don’t forget to ask them how much backup gear they carry…


2 Responses to ““You must have a nice camera!””

  1. LOL looks like you’ve a whole arsenal of great equipment. There is another blogger I read that has a little point and shoot camera, she’s fourteen but she takes awesome pictures. You’re right, it’s not all about the equipment!

  2. I wish those were all mine! Just one of them is… Twice a year we host a photographer’s BBQ at our home and that pic is from one of the lunch breaks…

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