Happy New Year!

I’ve fallen behind with posting to the blog… Got caught up in the holidays, as well as catching up on some things. We ordered the prints and album components for our last three weddings today. It is always interesting to see which photos the brides choose for their albums. We are exploring coffee table-type albums and should be ordering a studio sample shortly. We only offer premium photo albums so I need to find a top quality bound album supplier. Stay tuned…


While trying to get a few shots of our Christmas tree this year, I ended up getting a painting of a Canada Goose in the background. dscf2390_1ablogThis painting is special as we had it commissioned specifically for Linda. This is an interesting story because the artist contacted me asking if she could purchase some image files from me so she could paint them. Long story short, we bartered a bit and ended up swapping some files for the painting. Turned out to be a win-win all around. Linda loves the painting, as her favorite animal is the Canada goose. dscf2415_1ablog

After a short break, it’s wedding season for us again. We have two weddings coming up in January to get the year started off. I guess I better dust off the tire chains…

We wish you all the best for 2009!

Jim & Linda


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