So, you want to know how the belly shot went?

I got the call yesterday, the day before our appointment, that the mom-to-be just wasn’t feeling up to it. She was scheduled for a C-section on Monday and there was so much stuff to do. Plus, we had some impending inclement weather coming so that was that. We wished her luck and told her we’d come up for the naked baby pics in January. Then, we get the word that she had a girl very early this morning. So even if she didn’t cancel yesterday, the belly session wasn’t going to happen anyway! This is the second belly session in a row that the mom had the baby the day before a scheduled photo session. Note to self; Self – Schedule these things in the eighth month – not the ninth month!!!

And yes, we did get some nasty weather to boot. Looks like at least a quarter inch of ice out there. But the sun is coming out so at least we can see the road now. Perhaps I’ll be able to get some little birdie in the snow shots…

We’ve been doing small wildlife calendars the last few years and pass them out to our friends, etc. It is sized at 8.5×11 and looks a bit more legible in print then it does on the computer monitor… Feel free to download it with our compliments! Don’t forget to download the original size image…


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