Newborn Season!

In addition to our daughter bearing our first grandchild, we know four other women that are pregnant and will be delivering right around the same time as our daughter, one that will be delivering this Monday and one delivering in January. We are going to try and get some belly shots of the Monday baby on Sunday. Belly shots are definitely a personal thing and we treat them as intimate and wonderful experiences. This mother-to-be delivered the child below dsc_7331ablogexactly one week after we took the belly shot. She really wanted bare-belly shots and is a fan of grainy black and white. We shot this at a high ISO to make sure it was grainy and it all seemed to come together in the final print.

When it came time for naked baby shots, she endured three episodes of, well, you know, to get the shot below and she did. And the shot turned out quite well…d2h_7676ablog

This young lad is now hamming it up for the camera every chance he gets! And let me tell you – it’s a great feeling knowing that we’ve been able to record such a wonderful thing.


Now, if I can just get Monday’s baby to stay put until we get our shots on Sunday…


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