Sometimes I know I like it – sometimes I’m not sure…

I think I like the processing of this picture. At least, I think I do most of the time. Sometimes I think it is too much… But I do like it… dscf2163_1ablog2Sometimes I spend a great deal of time trying new processing stuff that I think is just too cool. But then after reviewing it a few days later, I’m not sure… Although I think I’m going to still like this image tomorrow, it’s sometimes very interesting to see what the clients do and do not like. Shooting in digital allows you to offer far more electronic proofs to the clients for less money then lab prints. So, I tend to go overboard a bit and display most of the technically good photos from a session for the clients to view and choose from. And I guess this is a good thing because there are times when I’m thinking “why did they choose this one and not that one?” I sometimes think I’m viewing the photos with too technical  of an eye and not enough of an “artsy” eye… We want good, sharp pics, right? Well, most of the time… The client, as I am finding out, wants what appeals to them – period. Maybe it’s a bit soft, or the composition isn’t exactly conforming to the rule of thirds, or whatever… They like it and they choose it. I guess in the end, having those images there for the client to choose from in the first place is the most important part of the whole process… I need to do the very best I can, but then leave it in the hands of the client to choose what is and what is not “good” in their eyes…

I’m not sure if the couple in the above image will like this processing style or not. I hope they do; I do. At least I do today…


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