Tis the season…

I just love this time of year. The air is crisp, the migrating birds are wintering near us :-), kids are dressed up and are anxious for the holidays, etc. We’ve done a few “baby days” in the past but this one was different. We added a touch of Christmas to our background in hopes of catching some nice photos for Christmas cards. I figured I needed to have snow and had an idea of what I wanted. So, off to Joann Fabrics I went and found something that seemed to fit the bill. (Remember – I said “seemed”…) They did not have any on display so I looked into the bag and it appeared it was a fabric-type product that was folded inside the bag. Just what I wanted. As you may imagine, we’ve been swamped lately trying to get session and event photos ready for the holiday rush, etc., and I just didn’t have time to setup the display until the morning of the shoot. So, I setup the tables and then pull out the snow. Or, should I say “white cotton candy”… It was not woven like I had wanted; it was, well, just there. Frankly, it looked great. But it was a bear to work with. It separated at the slightest pull and was hard to work with in general. But we got it all worked out and ready for the first child. The child below was the first one we photographed. This little girl is a trooper and is essentially fearless. We sat her down on the “snow”, started the bubbles and got some nice shots. When we picked her up, the snow and her velvet dress acted like Velcro! But we managed to clean her up and get ready for the next girl and all went well with her as well. Then came the boys. Each one took one look at the “snow” and decided they did not want anything to do with it! Both of then – individually – turned to crying, etc. because it bothered them so much. We eventually pushed the snow back and used a backdrop cloth in place of the snow and got our pics. It was interesting to see the different reactions of the children. It was also educational. We had a session with another young girl a few days later and she was all over the set, giving us the idea that next year we’ll have to put presents out all over and just let the kids do their thing… Anyway, we did get some nice shots; some of which did indeed end up on Christmas Cards – so all is well. Next year we’ll be better prepared… 😉



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